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She doesn’t even put her hands down…

The 20 Little Dancers Challenge!


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  • List 20 little dancers (does not have to be in any order). Do not read the following questions before you list the dancers!: 
  1. Brynn Rumfallo
  2. Tillie Glatz
  3. Emmy Cheung  
  4. Miabella Gonzalez
  5. Jessie Presch
  6. Madison Haschak
  7. Gracie Haschak
  8. Sierra Haschak
  9. Olivia Haschak
  10. Brooke Flores
  11. Kaylee Quinn
  12. Kyla Laufer
  13. Sophia Laufer
  14. Brianna Racewicz
  15. Gwen Choi
  16. Jessalyn Hall
  17. Devin Ramirez 
  18. Kayla Murray
  19. Jadyn Saigusa
  20. Michelle Cheng 
  • Favorite solo by dancer #4?: Definitely Wide Awake, it was amazing! Pretty much the reason why she’s one of my favourite MDC girls
  • Favorite feature about dancer #12?: Is this like physical feature? I think her eyes are a really nice colour haha. If you mean dance wise I love her turns now, she’s come so far!
  • Favorite group dance dancer #19 was in?: Surprise! It’s so cute.
  • Favorite trio/duo dancer #8 was in?: Baby that’s Rock n Roll!! Love, love, love it!
  • Have you ever made an edit about dancer #7?: Yes! A couple of combined edits (as in Gracie with her sisters) I think and I’ve done video edits for the Haschaks before too haha
  • How did you find out about dancer #14?: When I started following DP a little bit more last year!
  • If dancer #6 could dance at a different studio, which would you choose?: Hmm… Probably Mather Dance Company! I reckon she’d do a Shannon lyrical/contemporary really well
  • Favorite move dancer #9 can do?: Ooh I dunno… I think she’s really good at doing the like ‘disco’ moves haha if you watch her duet from this year she’s just the cutest thing when she does them!
  • Favorite song used for a dance dancer #5 was in?: Schindler’s List, definitely. I thought it was a really powerful piece and she danced it beautifully.
  • Do you follow dancer #15 on instagram?: Yes!
  • Which dancer would you like to see do a duet with dancer #17?: I reckon a Sierra/Devin duet would be adorable! And they’ve already had trios together ;)
  • One word to describe dancer #1?: Flawless.
  • Your favorite style of dance dancer #10 can do?: Well I’ve only seen her do lyrical/contemporary and one jazz number haha so I guess I’ll go with lyrical.
  • Which style of dance would you like to see dancer #3 do in a solo?: Jazz or Musical Theatre but like, actual jazz or MT… XD Her jazz solos I’ve seen aren’t really ‘jazzy’
  • Know any fun facts about dancer #2?: She trains at Kirov Ballet Academy as well as a regular competition studio, Studio Bleu!
  • Do you think dancer #13 is overrated, underrated, or none?: UNDERRATED! Definitely, she’s amazing but I don’t think many people follow her!
  • Favorite costume dancer #20 ever wore?: I really like both of her Musical Theatre costumes :P (See me now from last year and Friend like me from this year)
  • When did you start watching dancer #16?: Um I saw her a while ago like ages ago when she was still with JPD and sort of went ‘aw she’s cute!’ and then forgot about her until I saw her solos from last year and now I’m in love!
  • Has dancer #11 inspired you in any way?: Not really, but I don’t dance! But she’s an amazing and inspirational dancer to lots of little dancers I’m sure!
  • What made you the most happy about dancer #18?: Seeing her improvements from the 2011 - 2012 season to the 2012 - 2013 season! She was amazing and I was so, so happy for her when she placed third overall at HOF Ontario Regionals last year.

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