turnkickleap contest round 1 - photo set of favourite dancer

Carlee Schield!!

Url Photoset - kimmykopke

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Autumn Miller - Vogue Italia


Makenna Miller

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Autumn Miller

Anonymous asked ;  
I love club dance mt!! Whats your favorite club mt solo, duo/trio and group?

It’s great isn’t it???

Solo: Beautiful like Me by Jaycee Wilkins! She’s such a gorgeous, controlled lyrical/contemporary dancer that I feel like a lot of people overlook her musical theatre solos… But I loved everything about this dance! Costume, choreography, stage presence was all on point.

Duet/trio: I love Camille, Collette, Fifi with Dylynn, Jaycee and Jenna! It was so cute and so much fun to watch.

Group: Probably Big Dollhouse or Bathing Beauties… So adorable, so much personality and so much fun! 


dancing_p Thanks to my big Bro for coming to ALL 3 of my nationals and supporting me everyday!!! I love ya

it’s 2am and I’m sitting here doing nothing except waiting for my mum to go to sleep so I can eat some popcorn