Anonymous asked ;  
what dance is that Sophie Lucia gif from?

I’m sorry anon, I haven’t made any Sophia gifs recently, just reblogged them - I don’t know what videos they come from.

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The best awards photo


gavinmorales1: Thank u soo much LaBella Dance Company for opening your doors and allowing me to rehearse for @jasminekaras music video! We luv u guys and your great studio!😘👍 @labelladanceco @spribble17 @linds_08

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Round 6 is the final round!

  • For this round, you need to design a promotional poster for the upcoming season for any dance competition.
    - Examples of the type of poster I mean are here: [x], [x], [x]
    - The posters can be for any dance competition, whether real or made up. So for example, you could make a poster for Hall of Fame’s upcoming season using their tour dates from their website. Or you could make a poster for “The Ultimate Dance Competition” and their tour dates in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne - this is obviously a made up competition. 
    - Posters must include the name of the dance competition and at least five tour dates/locations.
  • No gifs or photosets for this round please.
  • No stolen or premade edits.
  • Tag to JPDeditcontest 
  • If you have any questions, please message me!
    - Please let me know if you require extra time, otherwise I may judge without waiting for your edit and that means you will receive 0 points.
  • Due in 48 hours:
    - 7:00am Wednesday September 17th AEST
    - 5:00am Wednesday September 17th GMT+8
    - 4:00pm Tuesday September 16th CST
    - 5:00pm Tuesday September 16th EST
  • Edit: huge thanks to Lilli for the idea for this round. I♥u!

The results for round 5:

(note, these are out of 50 because it’s the combined scores of rounds 1-5)

  • bostynbrown: 46/50
  • dancespirational: 42/50
  • turnkickleap: 40/50
  • young-dancers-blog: 29/50 

Next round will be posted in about 10 minutes!