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Katelynn Culclasure :)

Ahh thank you! I was watching Strutt numbers just the other day so I felt really bad that I couldn’t remember.

Edit contest people I have to go out today so once again the time for the round is extended by default but I will be looking at edits when I get home this afternoon so it would be great if they’ve been completed by then.


Daylyn Lucky of Club Dance Studio


Kiddancers’ 25 Day Little Dancer Challenge: Day 2: 5 Favourite Dancers

  • Kaylee Quinn [10] from Dance Precisions
  • Brynn Rumfallo [11] from Club Dance Studio
  • Kalani Hilliker [13] from Club Dance Studio
  • Peyton Heitz [9] from Dance Precisions
  • Autumn Miller [12] from Mather Dance Company


Survivor - Southern Strutt (2014 version)

I’ve been waiting to see this dance all season!


Sophia Kaloudis 


well that was a little backwards …


Need some help stretching?



Why do dance moms blogs call people ‘stans’ instead of ‘fans’?

Stan as many people know is a character in Eminem’s popular song Stan. Because the character was so obsessive the name can be used as an adjective. You could call somebody a “stan” if you think they are obsessive of someone or something.

Ooh well that was not the answer I was expecting LOL I thought it came from a typo or something xDD

Thanks for telling me!